Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer holiday time

Unbelievably the summer holidays have started already. I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a couple of weeks off for our much anticipated family holidayAll orders placed in the shop from 22nd July until 7th August will be posted from 8th August. 
I will be checking emails while I'm away and will answer any queries as quickly as I can, but I cannot guarantee the WiFi reception will be tip-top. I hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.

Thank you
Sarah xx

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Shop holiday opening hours update

School holidays are upon us again, and I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a break this week. All orders placed in the shop after 12pm 27th May until 1st June will be posted from 2nd June. 

Thank you.

Sarah xx

Monday, 19 May 2014

Nearly a mini-retro flowers

A couple of weeks ago I had a grand plan. It started really well but didn't finish great.

I needed a quick tote bag and I knew which fabric I wanted to use, I just wasn't sure which quilt block I wanted on the tote. A quick plea for help on my Instagram feed resulted in my deciding on some Flying Geese, so off I went hunting for a 'how to calculate your own fabric sizes" for the flying Geese. I found a tutorial (I'm hopeless at quilt maths) and planned out my tote and then promptly changed my mind…

… "Why not do a mini Retro Flowers block instead? It can be a small practice project for the Retro Flowers quilt I'm about to start?" Decision made!! Yay!

The template was shrunk and the petals fabric were cut.

Liberty Jody, Mauvey, Gleeson & Poppy's Patchwork
pretty Liberty flowers*

I was rather pleased with how pretty they looked laid out together, but slightly worried about how small they were and that I was using two very different fabrics so I starched the fabrics within an inch of their life! 

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
a mini Poppy's Patchwork petal*

I'm a 'pinning my curves' girl, it may be more time consuming, but its the method I get better results with. At this point I was really starting to worry! It's sooooo small and fiddly.

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
a teeny tiny curve!*

The curve sewing went well, with an almost perfect 1/4'' seam and lined up edges, but my lord was it misshapen!

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
misshapen and wonky!*

It turned out far too wonky and distorted for my liking, should I carry on, or give up? The consensus on Instagram was go with it, carry on and see how it turns out.

I had another go last week, after more starch the second part of the petal turned out less distorted, but I cannot carry on - I cannot do wonky! The mini Retro Flowers was a blow out! Maybe I'll try it again one day with interfacing, although I suspect it maybe just that little too small….who knows.

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
the one on the left is the less wonky of the two*

I'll be adding interfacing to the Liberty on my full size quilt, I'm hoping this along with bigger pieces and lots of starch will result in perfect curved flowers.

Sarah xx

*some of these pictures are taken from my Instagram feed. My apologies for the poor quality of some images.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Family Time

As would be expected, over the past few months I've had Duck Egg Threads tunnel vision, I'm there physically in the room but my head is somewhere totally else! 

With a mum lost in thought or scribbling notes to herself and a dad either out at work or sat at his computer working, William has watched more TV, had more iPad screen time and eaten more chicken nuggets and chips than we are comfortable with. By Easter, the shop had launched and the initial pressure was off, we decided that we were going to take advantage of the public and school holidays coming up over the next few months. So whilst away at Easter we got out the diaries and booked some more Family Time.

Which is how we found ourselves, bikes strapped to the roof and caravan hooked to the back of the car heading off to North Yorkshire for the May Bank holiday weekend.

duck egg threads
another weekend, another field

More bike riding, more fresh air, reading actual books, family games of Scrabble and talking to one another (with the occasional checking of emails on our phones).

duck egg threads
snacking in the forest

I'm starting to get into the groove of having a full time job now, and a loose routine is beginning to appear. There is still a lot of juggling to do but a glimmer of achieving some sort of work-life balance is twinkling in the distance, ready to be tweaked and adapted over time. From school pick up time until bedtime, I'm a fully focussed mum again. Although I'm not sure if William is entirely happy with this, because now after school we spend time reading, practicing spellings and preparing for his KS1 assessments!

How do you strike a work-life balance? Have you any tips?

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Thank You, Bee Blocks and An Admission

Before I carry on, I really want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE Thanks to everyone in 'internet land' for their good wishes, lovely comments and support over the launch of my online shop
I now officially work from home full time, building the business, re-investing money and time to make this baby grow!
"Thank you to you all" x

Okey dokey, Bee Blocks...

April bee block

My sewing machine hadn't seen the light of day for months, but yesterday it came out and April's blocks were completed in the sunshine. I really enjoyed these Greek Cross blocks and if the photos on the Flickr feed are anything to go by, this is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

April bee block

One thing, I did notice when pulling fabric for these blocks is that I am really short of warm coloured fabric, some shopping may be in order!

And finally, An Admission…

… there is no denying the fact that history dictates that I am a slow quilter, the main reason for this is that we do not have many quilty things around the house *recoil.. shock horror*, its just not that sort of home. We live in a quite small 1940s standard semi, where a lovely folded pile of quilts would make the lounge look cluttered, so I content myself with making for others and the odd sample block here and there. Don't get me wrong, I've tried. Quilted cushions on the sofa and chairs look out of place, the walls are full of pictures and photographs, so there is no space for wall hangings (although on day I would love to have a piece of EPP framed al la Flossie Teacakes), but I am determined that our beds and the sofa will have it's own quilt (as long as it co-ordinates with the planned re-decoration of the room of course!).

Enter Retro Flowers
The design of the quilt will fit in perfectly with our room and I've always wanted to make it with Liberty prints so here goes. 

Hilton sofa - Multiyork
imagine this sofa in charcoal grey

Our new sofa and chair are charcoal grey, with teal/peacock, yellow and grey cushions (you can just see the edge of one in a photo below). I couldn't find a stock photo of the sofa in grey online, and I do not want to share our lounge in its current state, so the red was the best I could do! 

retro flowers possible print contenders

I will probably use a few Liberty prints (Lodden and Reiko) that I have had stashed for a while that I don't currently sell in the shop, but the rest will be prints that I stock. Prints are still being auditioned and all of the above are strong contenders, but definite inclusions will be:

Liberty Tana Lawn Mauvey A
Mauvey A

Liberty Tana Lawn Small Susanna F
Small Susanna F

Liberty Tana Lawn Jody B
Jody B

I've still a few more prints to decide on as I need 16, I may even end up doubling up and just choose 8…who knows!

Sarah x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A chocolate-free treat - 20% discount!

To celebrate the launch of Duck Egg Threads, I'm offering a 20% discount on all Liberty Tana Lawn in my shop this Easter.
Easter special offer

Use the code just-hatched at the checkout from Good Friday all the way through until midnight on Easter Monday.

Why not treat yourself to some lovely Spring florals?

Happy Easter

Sarah xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Happy Happy Day!!

Today is a very very Happy Day!

My 'brand spanking new' online shop is open for business!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Now, I'm just going to go and do a 'happy dance' in the corner while you go and have a look at all that Liberty loveliness over at *wink wink*

Sarah xx