Monday, 4 November 2013

A 'lickety spilt' catch up

Blinking heck! A lot of time has passed since my last blog post.

I would like to Thank everyone for their best wishes. Thankfully I'm almost back to normal. I can move without pain, I can drive again (yippee), I'm back to doing the school run without doing the affectionally named 'old lady shuffle' and I sat behind my sewing machine last Tuesday for the first time in ......... drum roll please ........... 7 weeks and 1 day!!!!!

I had planned on doing lots of hand sewing whilst sat on my bum watching daytime TV, but most of the time I was just too uncomfortable so it was all very sloowwwww. But this is what few things I did get done.

I bought some Liberty hexies, and have started basting them. Although I haven't got a clue what I'll do with them yet! Hmmm?

Finished my 'Hands' embroidery which I started on our summer holiday and didn't finish. After its had a very good iron its ready to go in its frame and up on the wall.

Arhhh my Modern Medallion which has been WIP for 18 months (more or less) .... well I finished the satin stitch 'jewels', and it was painful! I really really Do Not like satin stitch! 
The quilt top is now ready to baste and then I can move onto the hand quilting which I have mixed feelings about. 
"Yay" = looking forward to it / a challenge / never done it before
"Boo" = its going to take me forever

I've completed my September Bee Blocks - woo hoo! 
These were really great to put together and all went swimmingly until just after this photo was taken when a gust of wind blew a couple into the mud. 48hrs later armed with a clean toothbrush, I successfully brushed away the offending dried on bits of mud. They are as good as new and on their way to their new home.

Hold onto to your hats peeps, I'll be back tomorrow with October's bee blocks.

Sarah xx


  1. Love the hand embroidery!

  2. Welcome back! Dare I ask what the surgery was for? I didn't actually know anything about it until your last post!

  3. Welcome back Sarah! The hand embroidery looks fab :) x

  4. Welcome back, and glad you're feeling better! Loving the bee blocks. :o)

  5. Glad to hear you are on the mend, don't think about the time it will take to hand quilt Modern Medallion just enjoy the process, it will be worth it!


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