Thursday, 16 January 2014

Random is not for me!

I've tried and tried, but I just cannot do random. Wether its working with colours, prints or both it doesn't work for me, I'm never completely happy with the result. Random Is Not For Me!

Those lovely Liberty hexies that have been hanging around for weeks have finally made me fully admit it to myself. 

my attempt at being random

First and foremost, I love Liberty prints, and I'm going to be working with it a lot more, but I just don't seem to be able to put them all together, (unless each one is positioned separately on a white background that is). 
My plan was to use my favourites for a new needlebook and then use the rest for a random cushion cover. So I started picking out my favourites and putting them together, but instinctively they were getting separated. 
Believe me, it's taken a lot of time fiddling to get to the point of narrowing it down, one or two of the final three will make it to my new needle book, as for the others, who knows!

the final three choices

their future is yet to be decided!

I've decided to be true to myself in future and not even try to be random it wastes too much time. 

As a side note, last Autumn I finally got around to completing a little exercise I'd wanting to do since I saw it on Rachel's blog last year How to Define Your Style. I'd highly recommend it for anyone struggling with their style. I went through each exercise questioning myself at every turn, by the end it confirmed me what I suppose I already knew about My Style, a limited colour palette, appliqué, simple/modern design and white/neutral. And do you know the ironic thing? I've a big note at the bottom of my master colour coded To Do list (yes I really do have one of these, it is list heaven!) that says "Remember "My Style" - don't be tempted!!!" I suppose I should look at that list more often! 

Sarah xxx


  1. Ha ha ha! Yes p, definitely remember your style! And how much happier are you when you do? I know the things that I make because someone else thinks it looks good, or it looks good when someone else did it, but that are really not me, I don't really love :-/
    I don't know what you're going to do that's not scrappy and random with those hexes. Good luck!
    E xx

  2. The hexies look great! Even your random looks organised to me! Off to check out that link, i struggle with what my style is!

  3. I know what you mean about not doing random - I'm trying the economy blockalong to push me outside my comfort zone, but I'm finding it really difficult! Can you maybe add a neutral around the hexies to break up randomness? And thanks for that link, might have to add 'define your style' activity to my to do list!!!

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    1. I'm sorry the blog was running slow for you, hopefully it speeds up soon.

  5. You don't have to embrace the random if it's just too much to cope with, and being true to yourself is always important, enjoy whatever you decide to do with the hexies :o)

  6. Totally get where you're coming from. I think I'm the opposite though and often feel I need to be less random....I try to reign it in but that rarely works!!

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