Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Thank You, Bee Blocks and An Admission

Before I carry on, I really want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE Thanks to everyone in 'internet land' for their good wishes, lovely comments and support over the launch of my online shop
I now officially work from home full time, building the business, re-investing money and time to make this baby grow!
"Thank you to you all" x

Okey dokey, Bee Blocks...

April bee block

My sewing machine hadn't seen the light of day for months, but yesterday it came out and April's blocks were completed in the sunshine. I really enjoyed these Greek Cross blocks and if the photos on the Flickr feed are anything to go by, this is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

April bee block

One thing, I did notice when pulling fabric for these blocks is that I am really short of warm coloured fabric, some shopping may be in order!

And finally, An Admission…

… there is no denying the fact that history dictates that I am a slow quilter, the main reason for this is that we do not have many quilty things around the house *recoil.. shock horror*, its just not that sort of home. We live in a quite small 1940s standard semi, where a lovely folded pile of quilts would make the lounge look cluttered, so I content myself with making for others and the odd sample block here and there. Don't get me wrong, I've tried. Quilted cushions on the sofa and chairs look out of place, the walls are full of pictures and photographs, so there is no space for wall hangings (although on day I would love to have a piece of EPP framed al la Flossie Teacakes), but I am determined that our beds and the sofa will have it's own quilt (as long as it co-ordinates with the planned re-decoration of the room of course!).

Enter Retro Flowers
The design of the quilt will fit in perfectly with our room and I've always wanted to make it with Liberty prints so here goes. 

Hilton sofa - Multiyork
imagine this sofa in charcoal grey

Our new sofa and chair are charcoal grey, with teal/peacock, yellow and grey cushions (you can just see the edge of one in a photo below). I couldn't find a stock photo of the sofa in grey online, and I do not want to share our lounge in its current state, so the red was the best I could do! 

retro flowers possible print contenders

I will probably use a few Liberty prints (Lodden and Reiko) that I have had stashed for a while that I don't currently sell in the shop, but the rest will be prints that I stock. Prints are still being auditioned and all of the above are strong contenders, but definite inclusions will be:

Liberty Tana Lawn Mauvey A
Mauvey A

Liberty Tana Lawn Small Susanna F
Small Susanna F

Liberty Tana Lawn Jody B
Jody B

I've still a few more prints to decide on as I need 16, I may even end up doubling up and just choose 8…who knows!

Sarah x


  1. A Liberty Retro Flowers quilt will be amazing, I shall enjoy watching your progress.

  2. Sounds like you have fun plans for this quilt, can't wait to see your progress, slow or fast! :o)

  3. Have fun with the quilt, sounds like your house deserves a bit of quilty attention :) I even have a quilty footstool!

  4. Very excited about your liberty shop, I'm on a general fabric fast this month but will be investing soon! Totally know what you mean about quilty things for the home. Ours is rented and most things have been given to us so do not match at all, it's quite horrible! It does put me off making anything for it, because it never really goes! Still do though in the hope we'll move:)

  5. That quilt is beautiful! every time I have seen it done I fall in Love with it!


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